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09/07/2024 18:21

Treat depression

Feeling flat, tense, sad? Perhaps you're suffering from a temporary depression. However, if the symptoms have been present for a few weeks already, it's time to ask what's causing the malaise. You could be suffering from the dreaded and little-known

10/07/2024 17:04

Colds: beware of the frail

The common cold, generally benign, can become complicated and dangerous for some people. When should you seek medical attention for a cold? What are the signs to watch out for? Are some people more at risk than others?

10/07/2024 17:24

Cough: avoid antibiotics

Coughing is a protective mechanism designed to expel mucus, germs and irritants from the respiratory tract. After a cold or flu, it's also normal for mucus production to cause a «deep» cough. Chest pain when coughing is normal, since coughing involve