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21/05/2024 17:11

Atherosclerosis: diseased arteries

Atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries. « It begins in childhood with simple lipid streaks or fatty deposits on the surface of the intima, one of the three layers of the arteries. Their walls are lined by the endothelium, a coating long though

21/05/2024 16:05

4 warning signs of heart failure

Heart failure affects thousands of Togolese. However, it is under-diagnosed and the number of people suffering from this pathology can increase, hence the importance of knowing the 4 warning signs in relation to this pathology.

11/04/2024 12:18

Beware of Penile Cancer, This Disease Exists

Unknown and rare, penile cancer affects 1% of men worldwide. Penile cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), the appearance of which is favored by poor hygiene of the male genitalia. To avoid it, urologists recommend prevention. This...

23/02/2024 14:50

Epileptic seizures: beware of brain damage

A neurological disease characterised by abnormally high excitation of brain cells, epilepsy is a particularly violent phenomenon, leading to intense mobilisation of all the patient's muscles, leaving them physically tired. Professor Christian Napon,

13/02/2024 14:24

Comprendre, dépister et éviter le cancer

En 2018, plus d’un million de nouveaux cas de cancer ont été déclarés en Afrique. Ce nombre est probablement sous-estimé, car de nombreux cas ne sont pas détectés ou rapportés. La transformation d'une cellule normale en une cellule cancéreuse peut

27/10/2023 14:18

Pneumonia: 1 child dies every 39 seconds

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), pneumonia has claimed the lives of more than 800,000, responsible for 15% of all deaths of children under 5 worldwide. Pneumonia continues to wreak havoc, killing a young child every 39 seconds worldw

27/10/2023 14:27

Bronchitis: warning signs and prevention

La bronchite est une affection respiratoire courante qui influe sur les bronches, les conduits d'air reliant la trachée aux poumons. Elle peut être aiguë ou chronique et est souvent associée à une inflammation des voies respiratoires. Comprendre les

13/10/2023 13:13

Sick kidneys: 7 warning signs

The kidneys are the organs located in the back of the abdomen, parallel to the spinal column. They are responsible for poor control of electrolyte levels, blood pressure and fluids, among other things. However, there are certain physical signals that

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