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05/06/2024 15:04

Can food intolerance be cured?

La distinction n’est pas facile à faire entre l’allergie et l’intolérance alimentaire. Dans le premier cas, le système immunitaire est en cause, mais dans le second, le mécanisme est plus mystérieux. Une élimination, puis une réintroduction de l’alim

31/05/2024 13:43

10 tips for eating less sugar

Dans son livre, « Sucre : l’ennemi public n°1 », le Docteur Réginald Allouche, médecin généraliste français, ingénieur biomédical et spécialiste de la prévention du diabète et du surpoids martèle que le sucre, consommé en grande quantité, est toxique

21/05/2024 17:31

These foods for better digestion

Many people suffer from poor digestion due to overeating and overdrinking. It's often a never-ending problem. Adopting the right eating habits and focusing on certain foods can help regulate digestion.

21/05/2024 17:11

Atherosclerosis: diseased arteries

Atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries. « It begins in childhood with simple lipid streaks or fatty deposits on the surface of the intima, one of the three layers of the arteries. Their walls are lined by the endothelium, a coating long though

21/05/2024 16:37

Herbal teas to neutralize constipation

In Africa, 30% of the population suffer from constipation at some time. Constipation is a slowing down of intestinal transit, leading to abnormally infrequent bowel movements. « Constipation is defined as a number of bowel movements less than or equa

21/05/2024 16:05

4 warning signs of heart failure

Heart failure affects thousands of Togolese. However, it is under-diagnosed and the number of people suffering from this pathology can increase, hence the importance of knowing the 4 warning signs in relation to this pathology.

06/06/2024 20:12

Foods that damage the intestines

Intestinal health has a lot to do with what you eat. To take care of your intestines, you need to keep an eye on what you eat. The first thing to do is rely on probiotics. These bacteria improve intestinal flora and boost the immune system. To keep y

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