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02/07/2024 11:55

Nutrition for good sleep

Sleep recommendations vary according to age. A minimum of 11 hours' sleep is required for children under 5, at least 10 hours from 5 to 10, at least 9 hours from 10 to 18, and at least 7.5 hours for children over 18. Studies have shown a link between

07/06/2024 13:26

Fast food: beware of cardiovascular disease

According to a study published in the medical journal « The Lancet », 1 in 5 deaths worldwide is due to diet. One of the causes of this may be the increasing abandonment of traditional dishes in favor of fast food and canned goods; ultra-processed fo

31/05/2024 13:43

10 tips for eating less sugar

Dans son livre, « Sucre : l’ennemi public n°1 », le Docteur Réginald Allouche, médecin généraliste français, ingénieur biomédical et spécialiste de la prévention du diabète et du surpoids martèle que le sucre, consommé en grande quantité, est toxique

21/05/2024 17:31

These foods for better digestion

Many people suffer from poor digestion due to overeating and overdrinking. It's often a never-ending problem. Adopting the right eating habits and focusing on certain foods can help regulate digestion.

31/05/2024 13:00

Vegetables to protect heart and arteries

Lutein, a nutrient found in many colorful vegetables and fruits, can suppress inflammation, according to the results of a study published in the medical journal « Atherosclerosis ». Inflammation is a key factor in many coronary diseases, such as myoc

31/05/2024 13:09

Bulimia: warning signs and prevention

On June 02, the world celebrates World Eating Disorders Day. Eating disorders are common psychiatric illnesses that should not be confused with, for example, loss of appetite, snacking or dietary restrictions. However, according to recent epidemiolog

23/05/2024 18:17

The importance of hygiene in wagashi production

Wagashi is highly prized by consumers for its taste and nutritional quality. However, under certain hygienic conditions, microbes (e.g. faecal flora) can easily develop on this product, causing digestive problems for the consumer. The importance of f

21/05/2024 15:40

Fruit to boost morale

L’OMS préconise de manger cinq portions de fruits et légumes chaque jour. Les fruits sont gorgés d’innombrables vertus. Leur consommation régulière transpire sur la santé physique et mentale. D’après « International Journal of Environmental Research

19/04/2024 15:59

How to Succeed in Eating Balanced Daily?

Rebalancing one's diet involves integrating new eating habits to achieve balanced daily eating in the long term. It's not about starting a typical diet where certain foods are completely banned, but rather about eating everything in the right....

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