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29/02/2024 19:11

Pregnancy: Tips for beating the heat

Heat is often uncomfortable and causes many inconveniences for expectant mothers. A sensation of heavy legs, swollen ankles, discomfort, excessive sweating, are among the effects of heat. Circulatory disorders, with the occurrence of varicose....

06/10/2023 13:40

Breast cancer: self-preservation

Early detection of cancer plays a major role in its successful management and in reducing the risk of recurrence and after-effects of treatment. While some screening procedures can only be carried out by a health professional, self-cleansing is a qui

18/08/2023 14:51

Sore breasts: possible causes

Certaines femmes ont parfois mal à un sein ou aux deux. Des fois d’autres ont une sensation de brûlure de pincement ou seulement une gêne. Le spécialiste, Dr Jean-Christophe Ayao Gynécologue Obstétricien à la clinique « La harpe de David » (Lomé-Togo

26/07/2023 15:56

Women: managing intimate hygiene

As a woman, it is normal to take care of intimate hygiene. This delicate area requires very special treatment, as its pH is different from other parts of the body and tends to change more easily. Thus it is essential to maintain a balance between nat

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