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02/07/2024 12:21

Practices to reduce fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most widespread, least treated and most insidious health problems in the modern world. In fact, it is rarely and often misdiagnosed. We're tired for days and weeks on end, we're tired early in the morning, and we don't systemati

10/07/2024 17:04

Colds: beware of the frail

The common cold, generally benign, can become complicated and dangerous for some people. When should you seek medical attention for a cold? What are the signs to watch out for? Are some people more at risk than others?

10/07/2024 17:24

Cough: avoid antibiotics

Coughing is a protective mechanism designed to expel mucus, germs and irritants from the respiratory tract. After a cold or flu, it's also normal for mucus production to cause a «deep» cough. Chest pain when coughing is normal, since coughing involve

07/06/2024 12:52

Pain or burning in the anus: what to do?

People suffering from a disorder of the rectum or anus are likely to experience pain, burning or discomfort during the day. However, these symptoms should not be taken lightly, as they may aggravate the condition. What can be done to relieve these se

05/06/2024 15:09

Beware of dehydration in the elderly

The human body is made up of around 70% water. However, water intake can be insufficient, especially in the elderly, putting their health at risk. Dehydration, a condition in which the body loses an excessive amount of water, can have serious consequ

22/06/2024 15:06

3 sports for a healthy heart

According to the WHO, a sedentary lifestyle is the fourth leading risk factor for death worldwide. It is the No. 1 enemy of the heart. That's why it's so important to be active. According to Dr Damien Ekoué-Kouvahey, Sports Physician, « regular, mo

05/06/2024 15:04

Can food intolerance be cured?

La distinction n’est pas facile à faire entre l’allergie et l’intolérance alimentaire. Dans le premier cas, le système immunitaire est en cause, mais dans le second, le mécanisme est plus mystérieux. Une élimination, puis une réintroduction de l’alim

23/05/2024 19:18

Sport regenerates the brain

Regular exercise boosts cognitive capacity, according to two American and Swiss studies. According to the Swiss study, published in the journal « Scientific Reports », during intensive sporting activity, the body produces euphoric molecules called en

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