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12/06/2024 17:39

Depression: causes, symptoms, prevention

Depression affects a significant number of people in Africa, warns the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 28 million people suffer from depression, "making it the most common mental health disorder on the continent". Although common, depressi

19/04/2024 16:22

Stress and anxiety in children: signs

Stress and anxiety are not just the preserve of adults. The frenetic pace of life today does not spare children and teenagers, who also have to cope with hectic schedules, the quest for excellence and success, competitiveness and evaluations. Stress

12/02/2024 13:15

Inferiority complex: a real suffering

Less beautiful, less intelligent, more cowardly - some people always feel inferior to others, and they suffer for it. Whether it's based on a real fault or a supposed fault, the inferiority complex is a source of great suffering. Where does this feel

12/10/2023 17:40

Relaxation breaks: benefits for students

Le Gouvernement togolais, par arrêté interministériel en date du 6 octobre dernier, a introduit deux congés de détente désormais dans l'année scolaire au Togo. Il faut dire que cela existe déjà dans d'autres systèmes éducatifs au monde, notamment au

22/08/2023 14:55

Reduced emotions: beware of antidepressants

According to a British study, people on antidepressants may be less reactive to negative emotions, but also to positive ones. The study, conducted by the University of Cambridge and published in « Neuropsychopharmacology », explains that excessive us

22/08/2023 12:03

Insomnia: risk of memory problems

According to the journal « Sleep », adults suffering from insomnia run a higher risk of memory problems, depression, daytime sleepiness, sleep apnoea and long-term cognitive impairment. Insomnia is more than just tossing and turning in bed for a whil

14/08/2023 13:30

5 keys to helping an Alzheimer's patient

Aider un patient atteint d’Alzheimer n’est pas tâche facile. Dans un premier temps, le patient commence à oublier des petites choses. À un stade avancé de la maladie, le patient ne reconnaît même plus les visages de sa propre famille. Il est nécessai

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