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31/05/2024 13:00

Vegetables to protect heart and arteries

Lutein, a nutrient found in many colorful vegetables and fruits, can suppress inflammation, according to the results of a study published in the medical journal « Atherosclerosis ». Inflammation is a key factor in many coronary diseases, such as myoc

31/05/2024 13:23

4 secrets for health and longevity

Dans la quête d'une vie plus longue et en meilleure santé, il est essentiel d'adopter des habitudes bénéfiques pour le corps et l’esprit. Les avancées scientifiques et les recommandations médicales offrent des moyens concrets pour y parvenir. Le Prof

23/05/2024 19:18

Sport regenerates the brain

Regular exercise boosts cognitive capacity, according to two American and Swiss studies. According to the Swiss study, published in the journal « Scientific Reports », during intensive sporting activity, the body produces euphoric molecules called en

31/05/2024 13:09

Bulimia: warning signs and prevention

On June 02, the world celebrates World Eating Disorders Day. Eating disorders are common psychiatric illnesses that should not be confused with, for example, loss of appetite, snacking or dietary restrictions. However, according to recent epidemiolog

29/05/2024 18:10

Cinnamon drink for a healthy weight

The green tea, pineapple and cinnamon drink is a purifying and diuretic remedy. Drunk regularly, it helps reduce weight without nutritional deficiencies or adverse reactions. It is a dietary supplement that optimizes the work of the metabolism to fac

31/05/2024 16:51

Lower back pain: how do you get rid of it?

Back pain is very common after a certain age, and generally occurs between the ages of 40 and 80. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), by 2020, around 1 in 13 people (or 619 million people) will have had at least one episode of this pro

31/05/2024 16:32

Swollen feet: causes and treatment

Swollen feet can happen to anyone. Although it can be worrying at first sight, there are several possible causes. Swollen feet can be caused by vascular problems, water retention or lack of exercise. Dr Patrick Ngou, Paediatrician (Cameroon) discusse

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